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If your heart is set on a summer wedding, there is one challenge you’re bound to face: the summer sun. Tying the knot during this season isn’t impossible, but requires a plan to handle the heat. If you and your fiancée are up for the challenge, then here are some ways you can say “I do” while still keeping cool.

Decide on Indoor or Outdoor

Just because you are having a summer wedding doesn’t mean you have to endure everything outside. Be strategic about what you want inside vs. outside. Some couples will do the ceremony outside and take the reception indoors. Others will do both the ceremony and reception indoors, but go outside for photos. Whenever you decide to go outside, you should be prepared for the time of day and heat index.

Relax the Dress Code

As the day goes on, the weather will get more unbearable, so feel free to loosen up on these dress codes.

Wedding Party

Consider short dresses for the bridesmaids rather than formal gowns. Also, think about how miserable your groomsmen will be in all those layers. Consider simple suits and ties rather than three-piece tuxedos. If you are eager to see your groomsmen in tuxedos, at least let them take off layers after the ceremony and photo opp.

You and Your Spouse-To-BE

If you’re the groom, the groomsmen’s advice also applies to you—so you’ve got it pretty simple. Brides, it’s up to you on how you’d like to dress to feel the most beautiful. But we suggest an up-do, a short sleeve or sleeveless gown, and powder-based makeup. This will help you feel beautiful, and comfortable, in the heat. 


You can set the standard for your guests that dress code is “nice-casual” on the wedding invitation. A thoughtful statement like “please dress comfortably for our outdoor ceremony” is a great hint to come in lax attire.

Hand Out Practical Wedding Favors

This is probably the most practical way you can keep cool and keep your guests happy. Also use this as an opportunity to tie in your summer theme and make it fun! Unique favors we’ve seen in the past include:

·         Folding fans

·         Handheld misting fans

·         Personalized water bottles

·         Sunglasses

·         Towel cloths

Besides these favors, you can also have outdoor canopies or tents for cover. This shows you know it’s hot but you’re thankful your guests are celebrating with you anyways.

Searching for a Venue to Complement Your Summer Wedding?

Whether you dress it down or keep it classy, the Holy Trinity Reception Center is your ideal summer venue. We offer both indoor and covered outdoor ceremony options—each with enjoy gorgeous (and cool) scenery. Plus, our Mediterranean style ballroom creates an elegant summer feel for your special day. To come see our versatile venue, schedule a tour by calling 407-331-3036.