How to Keep Cool During a Summer Wedding

How to Keep Cool During a Summer Wedding

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If your heart is set on a summer wedding, there is one challenge you’re bound to face: the summer sun. Tying the knot during this season isn’t impossible, but requires a plan to handle the heat. If you and your fiancée are up for the challenge, then here are some ways you can say “I do” while still keeping cool.

Decide on Indoor or Outdoor

Just because you are having a summer wedding doesn’t mean you have to endure everything outside. Be strategic about what you want inside vs. outside. Some couples will do the ceremony outside and take the reception indoors. Others will do both the ceremony and reception indoors, but go outside for photos. Whenever you decide to go outside, you should be prepared for the time of day and heat index.

Relax the Dress Code

As the day goes on, the weather will get more unbearable, so feel free to loosen up on these dress codes.

Wedding Party

Consider short dresses for the bridesmaids rather than formal gowns. Also, think about how miserable your groomsmen will be in all those layers. Consider simple suits and ties rather than three-piece tuxedos. If you are eager to see your groomsmen in tuxedos, at least let them take off layers after the ceremony and photo opp.

You and Your Spouse-To-BE

If you’re the groom, the groomsmen’s advice also applies to you—so you’ve got it pretty simple. Brides, it’s up to you on how you’d like to dress to feel the most beautiful. But we suggest an up-do, a short sleeve or sleeveless gown, and powder-based makeup. This will help you feel beautiful, and comfortable, in the heat. 


You can set the standard for your guests that dress code is “nice-casual” on the wedding invitation. A thoughtful statement like “please dress comfortably for our outdoor ceremony” is a great hint to come in lax attire.

Hand Out Practical Wedding Favors

This is probably the most practical way you can keep cool and keep your guests happy. Also use this as an opportunity to tie in your summer theme and make it fun! Unique favors we’ve seen in the past include:

·         Folding fans

·         Handheld misting fans

·         Personalized water bottles

·         Sunglasses

·         Towel cloths

Besides these favors, you can also have outdoor canopies or tents for cover. This shows you know it’s hot but you’re thankful your guests are celebrating with you anyways.

Searching for a Venue to Complement Your Summer Wedding?

Whether you dress it down or keep it classy, the Holy Trinity Reception Center is your ideal summer venue. We offer both indoor and covered outdoor ceremony options—each with enjoy gorgeous (and cool) scenery. Plus, our Mediterranean style ballroom creates an elegant summer feel for your special day. To come see our versatile venue, schedule a tour by calling 407-331-3036.

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer


Deciding on a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a soon-to-be married couple. Because, after your ceremony has come to an end, you can relive your special day with the right images. To preserve the emotion, priceless moments, and unique energy of your wedding, pick a photographer that understands your vision. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the photographer for your big day.

Establish Your Budget

Before your search starts, determine how important a photographer is for you as a couple. Some couples want to prioritize artistic expertise, but others would rather invest in different aspects of the wedding. Wedding photographers in the U.S. can range from $1,150-$3,000, and knowing this can help you decide where your photography spend should fall. Take another look at your wedding budget, establish the amount you are comfortable spending on photography, and then start building your potential photographer pool.

Choose Your Style

To best complement your wedding day, decide on a style that best reflects you and your fiancé. This helps with finding a photographer who has the experience to match your desired aesthetic. Some examples include:

·         Modern

·         Rustic

·         Vintage

·         Bohemian

·         Classic

Ask Your Inner Circle

You’d be surprised to know how many people in your inner circle have connections to a wedding photographer, so ask your friends and family about their recommendations before you go online. If you get a referral, you might even be eligible to receive a special offer.

View a Full Gallery (and Not Just Highlights)

On their portfolio or website, a photographer will usually display their best work. But when meeting in person, ask the photographer for full access to the galleries he or she created. This can give you a better idea of what at your entire wedding book could look like.

Know Your Photographer

Meeting in person is the best way to connect with a photographer and understand his or her style. You can get to know a photographer by meeting over coffee, communicating the type of photos you want captured, and going to the venue for a practice walk-through. This will help you and your fiancé to feel comfortable in front of the camera and determine whether or not you’re compatible with the person behind the camera.

Orlando’s Premier Wedding Venue

No matter whom you choose as a wedding photographer, the Holy Trinity Reception Center can provide a beautiful backdrop for your special day. Our Mediterranean-style ballroom is a versatile setting that complements the photos in any wedding book. To schedule a tour, visit us online or call 407-331-3036 today.

Tips for a More Masculine Wedding

Tips for a More Masculine Wedding

Tips for a More Masculine Wedding

Think of the first few things that come to mind when you hear the word “wedding.” You’ll likely conjure up images of flowing white dresses, fabrics like tulle and lace, extravagant floral arrangements, and blush tones. It is a far more feminine than masculine image. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all, and some guys are more than happy with a more traditional wedding like this. But, other grooms might feel a little bit lost or drowned out in all the feminine stylings.

A popular trend in the past few years is to add some more minimalist, masculine touches to the wedding day. Some grooms are just as excited to plan weddings and want their personality to come through along with their brides. Some brides might also want to be conscious about incorporating their man’s tastes into the planning because they want the affair to reflect both individuals. Whatever the case may be, here are some ways to integrate some more masculine elements into the style and components of the wedding celebration.

Minimalist tones and décor

For wedding colors, go with more subtle, understated tones like slate, forest green, and mahogany either as main or accent hues. Keep things simple by using more foliage and greenery rather than blooms upon blooms of flowers to create a more rustic, earthy feel. And finally, textures like leather, steel, and wood lend a more rustic feel to things while still being elegant and beautiful.

His and her favorite drinks

Instead of the usual wines and cocktails, each pick your favorite drink to have your tastes shine through. This could be as much as a whiskey tasting bar for the gents or a simple old fashioned. Maybe you are into botanical gins or craft tequilas. Whatever it is, this is a great way to add some more of the groom’s favorite things into the celebration.

Favorite games and activities

If the groom is really into games, make some available at cocktail hour or the reception for your guests while you are off getting pictures taken. Bar games like darts, cornhole, and giant Jenga can really add some fun and excitement into things. 

Upscale bar food

Who is tired of the same old chicken or fish at weddings? One way to liven things up is by selecting some of the groom’s favorite food, whether that’s pizza, wings, burgers, or barbeque. You might just want to keep the sliders and mozzarella sticks to cocktail hour, but there are many caterers who offer upscale versions of these pub favorites perfect for modern weddings.

Groom’s cake

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding cake, a recent popular trend has been to get a special cake for the groom and his groomsmen. You could get a cake that reflects his hobbies like a sports cake after his favorite team, a video game themed cake, or a fishing cake. He’s sure to love the personal touch!

Amongst the numerous wonderful wedding venue options in Orlando, Holy Trinity Reception Center really stands out. Our Mediterranean-style architecture and style transport your guests to scenic Greek locales, and our all-inclusive pricing makes wedding planning a breeze. Come see our venue options by scheduling a tour at 407-331-3036.

5 Ways to End Your Reception

5 Ways to End Your Reception

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Making your wedding great means planning everything down to the smallest detail. From beginning to end, every choice you make for your reception will determine its outcome. If you want to make sure your wedding ends on a high note, check out these five great ideas for ending your reception.


One of the traditional ways to end a wedding is with bubbles. You can find mini bottles of bubbles in bulk, many of which you can even customize to match the theme of your wedding. Give a bottle to each guest and have them blow bubbles at the end of the reception. This creates a dazzling display to end your wedding reception.

Flower Petals

Much like bubbles, flower petals are a great way to create a pretty picture to end your reception. You can buy bulk flower petals in various colors to fit the theme of your wedding, then give your guests a few handfuls each.


Confetti is a slightly messier solution to making a beautiful scene at the end of your reception, but it's still very cost-effective. The only thing to worry about with confetti is cleanup—make sure you find a venue that won't mind a bit of a mess.

Paper Lanterns

Lighting paper lanterns and sending them off into the sky paints a romantic picture for the end of your reception, but it's important to make sure you won't get in trouble for lighting lanterns. Check to make sure there are no restrictions in your area.


Putting together a beautiful wedding means creating a cohesive theme, and one of the best ways to do that is through colors. Not only will releasing balloons at the end of your wedding be cheap and look great, but you can also easily find balloons in your wedding colors.

Planning the perfect wedding can be difficult, but you can do it with some effort. If you need help figuring out your wedding plans and finding the perfect venue for your reception, give Holy Trinity Reception Center a call at (407) 331-3036.

Tips for Making Your Reception Guest List

Tips for Making Your Reception Guest List

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Ask anyone who’s been married – making a wedding and reception guest list is a lot harder than it sounds. There’s no other time in your life where you’ll have to make a guest list like this one. It’s not as simple as thinking of all your family and friends, since your actual guest list will be shaped by many considerations.

Influencing Factors

You and your future spouse will both have your own families and friends that don’t overlap, and if one or both sets of parents will be contributing to the event, there’s likely people that they will want to invite as well. On top of that, the venue and your budget also dictate how many people you will be able to host. Juggling these variables can pile on strife at a time when there is understandably enough stress to go around. Cut a person off the list who your  loved one’s  parents added can quickly put you behind the eight ball in their eyes.

To help you make a guest list that everyone is satisfied with, put the following tips into practice!

Step 1: Create a Master List

Set up a shared document or spreadsheet that everyone involved with the planning can access and edit. Delegated separate tabs for each user so you know exactly who added each person. Then, compile the tabs onto a master list so you can see the grand total when everyone is finished. This “rough draft” should contain way more people than you can invite and should be treated as a brainstorming list. Get everyone who could possibly be invited down on paper so you don’t have to think about it again.

Step 2: Make an “A” and “B” List

At this point, you are ready to start sorting out the priorities of guests. Knock out some easy ones first, putting close friends and immediate family on the A List. This list should include everyone who absolutely must be at your wedding. The B List is trickier to make and sometimes you may feel bad about putting a friend on it, but you can’t invite everyone, and you have to stay realistic!

Step 3: Set a number and stick to it

Now that you’ve thought of everyone and sorted them into groups, it’s time to figure out how many people you can invite. Start with finding out the maximum number of guests your ceremony and reception venues can hold. If your ceremony can handle 300 people, but your reception space only fits 200, then you have 2 options. You can either invite some guests to the wedding only and not the reception, or you can set the reception guest cap as your maximum guest cap. The choice is up to you, but if you opt to have some ceremony-only guests, make that crystal clear on the invitation to avoid an awkward situation when they show up at the reception with nowhere to sit.

Step 4: Send out invitations and keep track of RSVP’s

Everyone on your A List is going to get an invite, and not all of them will be able to come. So, it’s okay if your A List contains more people than your wedding can host. Once most of your A List responses are recorded, then you can see how many from your B List you can invite. Just be careful that some guests aren’t getting invitations 2 weeks before the wedding, especially if they can be touchy – they could perceive the late invitation as a sign that they barely made the cut.

Beautiful Orlando Venue

The Holy Trinity Reception Center is Orlando’s premier reception venue. Our exquisite Mediterranean-style architecture makes you feel as if you stepped out of Florida and onto a Greek island. We have 3 excellent spaces you can choose from: our large Agape Ballroom, intimate Aegean Room, and new Outdoor Pavilion. If you’d like to take a tour of the available spaces or you want to hear more about our reception services, please give us a call at 407-331-3036.

Wedding Reception Checklist

Wedding Reception Checklist

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Weddings can be the most wonderful, yet the most stressful day of your life! There are so many details that go into planning and implementing, that you need to be sure you don’t overlook the big stuff. To help relieve some stress, here is a checklist of some of the most important things that go into planning a wedding reception:

Tables and Chairs

Rentals, like tables and chairs, can end up eating into your budget so it’s best to ask your location if they have any to rent out to you. At Holy Trinity Reception Center, we provide spacious 72in round tables for your guests, and 6- and 8- foot tables for food, gifts, DJ and bar, so you don’t even have to worry about it.

Linens and Place Settings

These are some other rentals that can get pricy. You need to consider what you’re going to put on the tables, what your guests will eat off, what they will eat with, what they will drink out of, and how you want it all to look.  We have the following (white, blk, choc, ivory, plum) colors of linens available for rent for a flat rate of $10 per linen.


Once you have figured out your reception look, it’s time to add the food! Food can make or break a reception and there are so many options that it can be incredibly hard to figure out who to go with. Luckily, our exclusive preferred vendors list has caterers that we have had great success with!


Who doesn’t love flowers on their wedding day?! From the bouquets to the centerpieces, flowers are an essential part of you wedding décor! Don’t forget to order these in advance so you know your flowers will be perfect!

Seating Chart

Most couples tend to set up a seating chart for the dinner and then allow people to move afterwards. Others just say, “come on in and find a seat.” It’ll be your decision as the hosts what people will do. Keep in mind that what you choose should reflect the atmosphere of the wedding and those invited.  We offer 3-d software configured floorplans and consultations to ensure everyone has a seat and that room is set up in its best configuration for your serving team as well as your guests.

Music/ Entertainment

Whether you want a DJ or a live band, music is the key to a great reception. Doing research and auditions are welcomed, and expected, before anyone books a gig. Ask for demos or recordings for reference, especially if you can’t meet with them in advance.


Once you decide whether you want a wet or dry reception, you can take the steps to hiring a bartender. You’ll want to make sure they’re licensed and insured before you hire them. Then you need to figure out if you want a cash or open bar. Some couples boast a lot of success in a signature cocktail that is created with the colors of their wedding theme, or two and then cash bar outside of that. No cash bars allowed.

We make planning your reception easy by offering our list of preferred vendors to all of our couples and an inclusive price. We just know booking at Holy Trinity Reception Center will make your day amazing. Our Mediterranean-style ballroom is perfect for a unique and customized wedding reception. For more information or to schedule a tour, visit us online or call 407-331-3036 today!

5 Important Tips for Wedding Planning

5 Important Tips for Wedding Planning

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No doubt you have been picturing your wedding in your head for years now: what your dress will look like, the colors, the theme, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the perfect venue, and, of course, your future spouse.

What can sometimes make wedding planning stressful and frustrating is that it can be hard to line up everything just right so that your special day looks exactly like you’ve been dreaming all your life. Making your vision a reality is incredibly difficult, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to plan an incredible wedding. Take advantage of these 5 wedding planning tips to ensure that your big day is as wonderful as you had imagined!

1.       Set Your Budget

This might be the most crucial step of the entire planning process. A budget will help you stay on track throughout by narrowing down your options and giving you a clear idea of how much you can spend. For instance, if there’s an expensive caterer you absolutely need to have but you like a few different venues, your budget will eliminate more costly locations right off the bat.

2.       Stay Organized

The quickest way to become stressed is to not have a strong grasp on everything that has to be done. Don’t let a cloud of uncertainty hang over your head, where you are constantly worried about something that you feel like needs to be done, but you aren’t sure what it is. Make a checklist of everything you need to plan so that you always know exactly what you need to do.

3.       Create a Timeframe

After you’ve made your list, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks on it. To help you keep everything straight, make a timeframe for each task so that you can know exactly when everything should be done. For example, you should book your venue early on in the process, around 10-12 months before the wedding date. But, your rehearsal dinner location doesn’t need to be booked until 4-6 months in advance.

4.       Delegate

We know that the only person you really trust to pull off the wedding is yourself, but it is impossible to do everything! You need to have a core group of 2 to 3 people who help you throughout the planning process. Recruit some friends to come over to help you address the invitations or transport decorations to the venue. This will be invaluable for keeping you sane through the busy planning months!

5.       Enjoy the Process

Wedding planning doesn’t need to be stressful all the time. In fact, it should be one of the most exciting times in your life! Take a minute every now and then to step back and keep the big picture in mind. Enjoy the time you get to spend planning a super fun party with all your family and friends, because that’s what it really is!

Holy Trinity in Maitland has Orlando’s premier reception center for your big day. We have two spaces for your ceremony: a beautiful new outdoor Mediterranean-style pavilion that seats up to 400, or our Aegean room, which seats up to 150. For your reception, our breathtaking Agape Ballroom can hold up to 400 people as well. Our facility is located right off of I-4, though it feels more like a trip to the Mediterranean with our beautiful Greek-style buildings and landscaping. For the full list of amenities and rates, visit our website or call us at 407-331-3036.

Which Venue is Right for Your Wedding?

Which Venue is Right for Your Wedding?

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Experience your dream Mediterranean wedding at the Holy Trinity Reception Center. The neutral sand colors, arches, and Grecian columns will make you feel like you’re getting a destination wedding right here in Maitland, Florida. In fact, we have three stunning venue options that provide a blank slate for you to dress up however you please.

Agape Ballroom

Adorned with multiple arched windows and elegant chandeliers, this carpeted ballroom can hold up to 400 guests for your wedding day. Or, if you choose to utilize our hardwood dance floor, 350 guests can be seated comfortably. The walls are perfect for customized uplighting and projecting monograms, and we often have couples drape silk across the ceilings to give a more romantic and luxurious feel. If you have a smaller party or want to host the ceremony inside, you can split the ballroom with floor to ceiling curtains and give you a more cozy and intimate feel. The windows provide excellent natural light for photographs during the daytime or can be covered for a romantic, candle-lit event.

Aegean Room

This venue option is a smaller spot for you to have either your ceremony, reception, or cocktail hour. The room is toned with beige and white colors reminiscent of the Grecian coastline. For a ceremony, you can comfortably fit 150 guests while a reception will seat 120, or 80 with dancing.

New Outdoor Pavilion

Take advantage of Central Florida’s beautiful weather and get married under the shade of our outdoor Pavilion. This 9,600 sqft. space can fit up to 400 guests, and will surround you with lush green grass, and beautiful Greek columns. Drape sheer silks or ribbons to blow in the breeze while you say “I Do” or add twinkling lights for a nighttime soiree.

Whichever venue you choose, you will enjoy nine consecutive hours of the most exciting day of your life because we offer an additional 3 hours for set up. Get ready in our bridal suite on site and enjoy time with your girls before the ceremony. With the ballroom rental, you’re welcome to use our 72” round tables, 6; bar and food tables, as well as our upholstered chairs, which should save you a bit on your rental fees! We also will provide a representative for you on the day to set up and take down your tables and chairs as well as answer any questions you’ll have that day. To find out more or to schedule your tour of the Holy Trinity Reception center, call us today at 407-331-3036.