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Making your wedding great means planning everything down to the smallest detail. From beginning to end, every choice you make for your reception will determine its outcome. If you want to make sure your wedding ends on a high note, check out these five great ideas for ending your reception.


One of the traditional ways to end a wedding is with bubbles. You can find mini bottles of bubbles in bulk, many of which you can even customize to match the theme of your wedding. Give a bottle to each guest and have them blow bubbles at the end of the reception. This creates a dazzling display to end your wedding reception.

Flower Petals

Much like bubbles, flower petals are a great way to create a pretty picture to end your reception. You can buy bulk flower petals in various colors to fit the theme of your wedding, then give your guests a few handfuls each.


Confetti is a slightly messier solution to making a beautiful scene at the end of your reception, but it's still very cost-effective. The only thing to worry about with confetti is cleanup—make sure you find a venue that won't mind a bit of a mess.

Paper Lanterns

Lighting paper lanterns and sending them off into the sky paints a romantic picture for the end of your reception, but it's important to make sure you won't get in trouble for lighting lanterns. Check to make sure there are no restrictions in your area.


Putting together a beautiful wedding means creating a cohesive theme, and one of the best ways to do that is through colors. Not only will releasing balloons at the end of your wedding be cheap and look great, but you can also easily find balloons in your wedding colors.

Planning the perfect wedding can be difficult, but you can do it with some effort. If you need help figuring out your wedding plans and finding the perfect venue for your reception, give Holy Trinity Reception Center a call at (407) 331-3036.