Tips for a More Masculine Wedding

Think of the first few things that come to mind when you hear the word “wedding.” You’ll likely conjure up images of flowing white dresses, fabrics like tulle and lace, extravagant floral arrangements, and blush tones. It is a far more feminine than masculine image. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all, and some guys are more than happy with a more traditional wedding like this. But, other grooms might feel a little bit lost or drowned out in all the feminine stylings.

A popular trend in the past few years is to add some more minimalist, masculine touches to the wedding day. Some grooms are just as excited to plan weddings and want their personality to come through along with their brides. Some brides might also want to be conscious about incorporating their man’s tastes into the planning because they want the affair to reflect both individuals. Whatever the case may be, here are some ways to integrate some more masculine elements into the style and components of the wedding celebration.

Minimalist tones and décor

For wedding colors, go with more subtle, understated tones like slate, forest green, and mahogany either as main or accent hues. Keep things simple by using more foliage and greenery rather than blooms upon blooms of flowers to create a more rustic, earthy feel. And finally, textures like leather, steel, and wood lend a more rustic feel to things while still being elegant and beautiful.

His and her favorite drinks

Instead of the usual wines and cocktails, each pick your favorite drink to have your tastes shine through. This could be as much as a whiskey tasting bar for the gents or a simple old fashioned. Maybe you are into botanical gins or craft tequilas. Whatever it is, this is a great way to add some more of the groom’s favorite things into the celebration.

Favorite games and activities

If the groom is really into games, make some available at cocktail hour or the reception for your guests while you are off getting pictures taken. Bar games like darts, cornhole, and giant Jenga can really add some fun and excitement into things. 

Upscale bar food

Who is tired of the same old chicken or fish at weddings? One way to liven things up is by selecting some of the groom’s favorite food, whether that’s pizza, wings, burgers, or barbeque. You might just want to keep the sliders and mozzarella sticks to cocktail hour, but there are many caterers who offer upscale versions of these pub favorites perfect for modern weddings.

Groom’s cake

While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional wedding cake, a recent popular trend has been to get a special cake for the groom and his groomsmen. You could get a cake that reflects his hobbies like a sports cake after his favorite team, a video game themed cake, or a fishing cake. He’s sure to love the personal touch!

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