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Weddings can be the most wonderful, yet the most stressful day of your life! There are so many details that go into planning and implementing, that you need to be sure you don’t overlook the big stuff. To help relieve some stress, here is a checklist of some of the most important things that go into planning a wedding reception:

Tables and Chairs

Rentals, like tables and chairs, can end up eating into your budget so it’s best to ask your location if they have any to rent out to you. At Holy Trinity Reception Center, we provide spacious 72in round tables for your guests, and 6- and 8- foot tables for food, gifts, DJ and bar, so you don’t even have to worry about it.

Linens and Place Settings

These are some other rentals that can get pricy. You need to consider what you’re going to put on the tables, what your guests will eat off, what they will eat with, what they will drink out of, and how you want it all to look.  We have the following (white, blk, choc, ivory, plum) colors of linens available for rent for a flat rate of $10 per linen.


Once you have figured out your reception look, it’s time to add the food! Food can make or break a reception and there are so many options that it can be incredibly hard to figure out who to go with. Luckily, our exclusive preferred vendors list has caterers that we have had great success with!


Who doesn’t love flowers on their wedding day?! From the bouquets to the centerpieces, flowers are an essential part of you wedding décor! Don’t forget to order these in advance so you know your flowers will be perfect!

Seating Chart

Most couples tend to set up a seating chart for the dinner and then allow people to move afterwards. Others just say, “come on in and find a seat.” It’ll be your decision as the hosts what people will do. Keep in mind that what you choose should reflect the atmosphere of the wedding and those invited.  We offer 3-d software configured floorplans and consultations to ensure everyone has a seat and that room is set up in its best configuration for your serving team as well as your guests.

Music/ Entertainment

Whether you want a DJ or a live band, music is the key to a great reception. Doing research and auditions are welcomed, and expected, before anyone books a gig. Ask for demos or recordings for reference, especially if you can’t meet with them in advance.


Once you decide whether you want a wet or dry reception, you can take the steps to hiring a bartender. You’ll want to make sure they’re licensed and insured before you hire them. Then you need to figure out if you want a cash or open bar. Some couples boast a lot of success in a signature cocktail that is created with the colors of their wedding theme, or two and then cash bar outside of that. No cash bars allowed.

We make planning your reception easy by offering our list of preferred vendors to all of our couples and an inclusive price. We just know booking at Holy Trinity Reception Center will make your day amazing. Our Mediterranean-style ballroom is perfect for a unique and customized wedding reception. For more information or to schedule a tour, visit us online or call 407-331-3036 today!